I had an interesting little occurrence yesterday, it really got me thinking and so I thought I’d share it.

I went to see a client for a one-to-one strategy session and we met in a little cafe in the town where my mum and dad live.   I went to order a couple of coffees,  pulled out my card to pay, only to be told its cash only…

Cash only??

In 2017??

In the middle of a little town in Nottinghamshire packed with people wanting to spend their money??

And with a direct competitor (who does take cards) just across the road??

Now for our regular readers you will have heard me rant about this before.   Even as the lady is telling me about the cashpoint just outside I can feel my marketing grumpiness rising inside me and already have possible titles for the scathing blog post tumbling into my mind…

But then I stopped and looked around me at the packed cafe.  There was no more room for seating and lots of happy people, not just spending a couple of quid on the coffee but on full tables eating full lunches.

Whilst my “business gut reaction” is that it is crucial to provide as many different ways to let people pay as possible, the evidence yesterday was that it doesn’t have to be the case.  Furthermore, when I popped in to see my folks later on and they told me that it was the most popular cafe in town and very hard to get a seat in.

I can’t see how are the lack of payment options have in any way affected this guy’s business and clearly he will, therefore, be making a saving because he hasn’t got a set of fees to pay.

And it is further proof that you can build a tribe of clients that will pay you for what you do, the way you want to do it.

And it was just a nice, little timely reminder that business is varied and business is rarely black-and-white and quite often what you think you know, as the only way of doing things, is not the case.

What you know to be true may not be, which is why as business owners it is critical we always keep open minds

This need for us as business owners, to look outside our own accepted business ‘norms’ is a large part of why we are running The Game Changers Live Event  and why we have asked real business owners that have done well to speak, rather than gurus with million pound budgets and massive teams

There is always something to learn from any business owner, but it’s difficult to hear and take in something when you know your business just isn’t set up to do the same.

But to hear real people talk about the real activities they have implemented, that have made a difference to business  – can massively help you to move forward.

It’s so easy in business to do what I did yesterday and just think what you already know is true when actually there is something entirely counter intuitive that is boosting the profit of a business brave enough to take the step.

Being a member of Marketing Jumpleads has been a really good experience.  I’ve met some cool people, doing some interesting things and most importantly it has helped me put ideas into action and get results, which is the name of the game.

Marc Wileman

Dragon's Den Winner and CEO, Sublime Science

It’s really simple. I just did what Julia and Paul told me to do.  I used the tools they gave me, I made £6000 and I’ve created a new subscription income.

Jackie Crooks

Owner, Beacon Training

Having been through The Marketing Jumpleads Library Facebook course I now get 90% of my bookings directly from Facebook. I’ve had to stop the ads from running because I was totally booked up with baby photo shoots. Thank you

Vivienne Kayne

Owner, VK Photography

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