Marketing doesn’t begin with a great idea or a unique product.  It begins with customers — those people who want or need your product and will actually buy it.


But not all customers are created equal…


It’s actually pretty simple.  You’ll only ever need 3 things, a steadily building list of the right people, the right thing to tell them and the right way of doing it.  BUT get one part wrong – or in the wrong order – then you’ll just disappear into a world of noise frustration.  

So you’ll need a plan and that’s where we come in…


Who are Paul and Julia and why should you listen?

Well firstly we’re both Business Owners.  We’re based in the East Midlands and over the last 6 years we have worked with over 700 business across the UK, just like you.  Whilst that doesn’t make us gurus but it does mean we have learnt a LOT about what it takes to grow a successful business. 

We work with people in a range of ways but the common goal is the same.

It’s our job to help people move their business forward and make sure it is delivering them the lifestyle they are striving for.  Otherwise what’s the point of running your own business?

We both speak regularly at events all over the country and we co-authored the book The Game Changers.

Julia is a power house of ideas and inspiration.  She is brilliant keeping you on your toes, and holding you accountable, she has huge amounts of bubbly personality that is contagious, you will learn heaps form her and in turn earn more just from knowing her! Hire Julia you won’t regret it!”

Thomas Bower

Owner and Head Honcho, Thomas the Caterer

Julia and Paul are the real deal.  Their knowledge is bang up to date and they deliver it in a way that makes it easy to implement.

And the results speak for themselves.

Clare McCabe

Owner, Purple Star Design

I honestly don’t think I can say enough good things about Paul. He has transformed my business in just a few short months. Full of really practical ideas and inspiration, I’d never met anyone so genuinely enthusiastic about my business’s success.

Sally Hilton

Owner, Buena Vida Health and Fitness

Here’s what you’ll get from us;  Practical information that will ONLY be about helping you move your business to where you want it to be. Proven techniques – no fluff or theory. Just practical content we know has worked. Step by step content that is easy to follow and easy to implement. a

And what you won’t get; Things we have never tried – everything we share we have used ourselves, in our own businesses so we know it works ‘Impractical’ stuff – techniques that need a big budget, a lot of time or strategies that can’t be measured.

A great place to start is with the Marketing Jumpleads Library.

Practical, step by step courses giving you the tools and confidence to get your marketing done

Come join us for a free trial. Cancel any time.
No tie in.  No contracts. No hidden fees.

Over 100 “How to Videos” • Pre-written, Ready to use content • Monthly “Hard Copy” Execution Plans sent direct to your door • Community • Accountability
All for just £49 a month.
Worth a try?

“I wouldn’t be without the Marketing Jumpleads Library.  It gives me the tools I need and the accountability to focus on what I should be doing to grow my business. What i have learnt has brought us several large new client on board recently plus a stack of smaller ones too. It’s a great way to learn how to market your business without being overwhelmed”.

Tina Clarke

Co-Owner, Cube Upholstery

Having been through The Marketing Jumpleads Library Facebook course I now get 90% of my bookings directly from Facebook. I’ve had to stop the ads from running because I was totally booked up with baby photo shoots. Thank you

Vivienne Kayne

Owner, VK Photography

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