Anyone that has read a few of my posts over the last few months (you know who you both are…) you’ll know that I like a rant. And a couple of weeks ago was no different.

I’d had a run in with an estate agent.   I’d tried really hard to give them a big chunk of cash but not only did it feel like like they didn’t want it they made it really difficult for me to give them any more in the future,  if you haven’t see it yet you can watch it here .

Sadly we are getting used to more and more dismal service, but every now and again a company do something so good, its shocks you and so, because I like to rant about the bad I love it when I can celebrate the good too…

And this is just a brilliant example of how to really deliver customer service…

My lovely wife, likes spending money.  And as she is still feeding my newest born in the night she gets a lot of time to surf the web checking out stuff she might like to buy.  So imagine her delight when she happened across a new duvet set for my eldest, (3 sets are never enough) on a well known company’s website.

But try as she might this was one purchase that wasn’t just a few clicks away…  Out. Of. Stock.

Not to be deterred but less than hopeful she contacted them direct and asked if they would be getting anymore in stock.  the response confirmed the worst, but then blew her away…

Thank you for taking the time to contact me regarding our lovely Night Sky Bed Linen.

Unfortunately this item has completely sold out here at our Distribution Centre and has now been discontinued.

However, I have called our stores to try and locate both items for you. I have found both the single duvet cover and the housewife pillowcase in our stores. To order them you will need to call the store directly, they will take the payment over the phone and post the items out to you. You will not need to make a special trip to the store.

The Night Sky Duvet Cover, Single is being reserved at our Bristol Store. Their number is: 01179 298 438
The Night Sky Housewife Pillowcase, Standard is being reserved at our Cardiff Store. Their number is: 0292 078 2650

Regrettably I couldn’t find both the duvet cover and the pillowcase at the same store. I am very sorry for any inconvenience this causes. Please be aware, our stores will reserve these items for up to 48hrs before they will put them back out to stock. I would advise you contact them as soon as soon as possible to avoid missing out.

If I can be of any further assistance please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

The White Company Customer Service Team

So many great examples customer service here, from the simple amount of work they did to try and help, to the fact that they already reserved the stock to the fact that they made it REALLY easy for Amy to complete the purchase by giving her the phone numbers.

EVERYONE has won here.  Amy has got what she wanted to buy, the company have made a sale which they otherwise wouldn’t have made, (and cleared a stock line they are discontinuing) and William has a new duvet (which I am sure he will be delighted about…).

I bang on a lot about how in today’s market there are so many choices all the power is with the buyer – and this is great example of how to keep that buyer happy and coming back for more.

The simple (and sad) truth is most companies wouldn’t have gone to half the effort that these guys did and we are not surprised by it any more.

But that is also a GOOD thing for you.

Because most people’s customer service is rubbish you don’t even have to be this good to stand out.

This means no hugely expensive investments, no massive, clever CRM systems;

  • Just treat your customers well.

  • Show them that you do actually care that they chose you above all other options

  • Do what you intended to do when you set up your business, serve your customers as best you possibly can.

So much of it is “common sense” (as in NOT clever thinking) but most businesses never think about it.

What would have happened in your business in your version of this situation?


Being a member of Marketing Jumpleads has been a really good experience.  I’ve met some cool people, doing some interesting things and most importantly it has helped me put ideas into action and get results, which is the name of the game.

Marc Wileman

Dragon's Den Winner and CEO, Sublime Science

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