Master Implementors

The Perfect Marriage of a Mastermind Group and an Implementation Session.

The problem with learning…

Watched dozens of webinars, read loads of business books or subscribed to the latest marketing blogs?


Great…but importantly is all that knowledge actually getting implemented in your business?


The marketing magic only happens when the ideas and strategies GET DONE.


Our Master Implementors meet once a month in the East Midlands to spend a full day away from their office to turn the ideas and plans into working marketing.


These are “small group” sessions where we get round the table, discuss what is happening in your business and what you need to do about it and then – crucially  – we take action and get things done there and then before you leave the room.


From a bacon buttie breakfast at 8.30am (veggie options available!) through to late afternoon it’s a chance to work ON your business, not IN your business.

  (Yes we know that sounds cliché BUT it really does make all the difference. Serial learners don’t pay bills. Serials doers do!)  

Supportive, inspiring and practical days, where lots gets done. With our help, you can set-up email campaigns, write website copy, design an offer…whatever is on your marketing ‘to-do’ list becomes reality. That day.


Concentrated time away from the ‘noise’ of running your business or department means you can quickly scale your marketing message.


It’s a day reserved every month in the diary where you KNOW you’ll move nearer to your business goals. You no longer have to feel overwhelmed. The time is clearly put aside.


Computers are out, there’s lots of coffee and nibbles and marketing is finished and attracting new customers before you leave. It may need testing and tweaking. But you know it’s done.


Next month you have dedicated time to look at the results and continually improve and scale.


Our Master Implementors are ambitious, bright business owners and marketing managers who are way ahead of their competitors in their marketing thinking and DOING.


Join our Master Implementors to lose that debilitating feeling of overwhelm as you know marketing will get done. Not only that. It will be the RIGHT marketing for your business.

(PS Our Master Implementors also have all the benefits of Marketing Jumpleads membership included in the price. A full suite of courses, tutorials, bi-weekly Implementation Blue Prints and the East Midlands Marketing Council, plus of course the community of like-minded marketing professionals).


Because we keep the groups smalls we have to be careful to make sure we have the right people round the table.  They must be;


Driven, (we work hard)


Open minded, (we are honest, and direct with each other – punches won’t be pulled)


Serious about moving their business forward, (this isn’t the place for hobbyists)


Think this sounds like you? Good, then lets chat and make some stuff happen…

Your first step...

Uninterrupted 1:1 focus session last Tuesday morning with Paul Chapman . Really got me fired up and we got a stack of stuff done that I’ve been meaning to do for ages.  The session has resulted in 18k’s worth of new sales thus far. Peter Caswell

CEO, Orbit Pharmaceutical

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