A bit of a slight rant again… (although it has been a while!!)  It’s hard enough to run a business at the best of times but when people just sit back and wait for it to happen it is only going to get harder, MUCH harder.

This weekend I tried to make a big purchase, but couldn’t and thanks to the laziness of the agent involved I can’t spend any money with them in the future.   Conversely, someone else managed to open my wallet for something I didn’t want just by asking – and I loved him for it.

It’s a short video but with a BIG lesson.

Being a member of Marketing Jumpleads has been a really good experience.  I’ve met some cool people, doing some interesting things and most importantly it has helped me put ideas into action and get results, which is the name of the game.

Marc Wileman

Dragon's Den Winner and CEO, Sublime Science

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