On Tuesday I sent an email where I shared a video talking about a massive profit driver for businesses and using Amazon as an example (If you haven’t watched it yet you can do so here)

Well, I had a belting email back explaining – in some detail that I am a complete muppet – or words to that effect.

I won’t bore you with the whole thing but here is the gist.

  • Paul – you’re an idiot (probably true)

  • You have no idea what you are talking about (possibly true)

  • My business is nothing like Amazon (certainly true)

  • There is no-way I can do what they do (cataclysmically wrong)

You see this person is classic small business mentality – they are looking at the ‘completed action’ rather than the concept.

Let me give you an example –

In the video, we talked about the immediate up-sell (we refer to it as the one-click up-sell) which is where – at the point of sale, as the excited customer is poised cash in hand – you ask them the simple question of “would you like something else”.

And to this chap – this was an impossible concept – he didn’t run an enormous online business with masses of stock etc etc. BUT the only way this can’t be done – is if you don’t sell anything – which isn’t really a business.

McDonalds asked if you wanted fries with that.

The last time I bought some shoes they showed me a very nice pair of socks

I bought and electric screw driver a while ago and well stone me it turns out they have a special in multi-purpose screws.

My local shop in the village has sweets on the counter that get mentioned when I come in to buy some milk with the kids.

Running a business is no walk in the park (unless you are a dog walking business) but if you want it all handed to you on a plate in perfect ready to rock pieces you are going to be very disappointed and probably skint.

You have to look

You have to think

You have stop ask and yourself – that thing that the business is doing and making loads of money from, HOW can I do that in my business

Look at the concept not at their ‘completed version’ of it.

I feel a bit better now.

Go and look at what is making money for others and just see if there is a way that you could do it too, and do you know what, if you are stuck, give me a shout and we’ll find a way together.

Uninterrupted 1:1 focus session last Tuesday morning with Paul Chapman . Really got me fired up and we got a stack of stuff done that I’ve been meaning to do for ages.  The session has resulted in 18k’s worth of new sales thus far.

Peter Caswell

CEO, Orbit Pharmaceutical

“I had a business idea about eight years ago. For eight years I had been trying to market it, mostly without success and even though I was sure it could work, I had pretty much given up.

Yesterday I sat down with Paul and within two hours he had given me an unbelievably clear idea of what I needed to do. This was not some one-plan-fits-all approach: Paul paid great attention to my idea, saw immediately what was relevant (and what was not) and drew up a precise and achievable marketing strategy. For eight years I had been walking under a cloud of marketing confusion. Two hours with Paul, and the sun is finally shining.”

Rob Glass

Owner, Coracle Films

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