How do you go back to someone who has visited your website or is on your email list using Facebook Ads?

When someone visits your website once, doesn’t buy or book or subscribe, and goes merrily on with their day, how in the world do you win them back? Well, the answer lies in a simple tactic: Facebook Remarketing.

My dear sister had seen a Jill Sander handbag and when she moved over to her Facebook account she kept seeing the same handbag…needless to say she bought the bag as ‘it was fate’ it kept appearing! Of course I knew it was just a remarketing tactic and didn’t want to burst her bubble that fate gave her the ‘justification’ to spend!

You can very simply set-up a version of this for your business. It’s easier than you think and we’re giving away a step-by-step blueprint to help you get it done and working hard for your business.

Facebook Remarketing - how it worksA widely used stat is that 98% of your visitors leave your website without converting.

Your savvy, discerning customer will now take several steps (according to Google sometimes up to x30!) before deciding to buy from your business.

Retargeting helps you tackle this problem head on.

It allows you to target and serve ads only to people who’ve previously…

  • visited your website

  • used your mobile app

  • previously bought from you

  • subscribed to your list

  • NEW on Facebook, anyone who has reacted to your Facebook posts and videos.

This means you can be very strategic and efficient about who you’re reaching and where you’re spending your marketing budget.

Retargeting gives you a ‘second bite of the cherry’. You can send highly targeted ads to exactly the right people. We know that at some point they were interested in your product or our service. We want to get in front of them again and this gives us that option. Best of all it’s mostly automated, so it quietly works 24/7 for your business, bringing in good business.

Put simply, retargeting is one of the most powerful ways to re-engage with your audience and get more sales.

It is an incredible way to grow your business on auto-pilot. Interestingly, almost most of your competitors won’t be thinking this way.

Facebook Remarketing gives you second bite of the cherryYou are simply going back to an audience that already ‘knows’ your business on some level and sharing a targeted ad. You will have experienced this yourself, just like my sister. Have you ever been on a website and looked at pair of shoes or holiday cottage, only to see that same pair of shoes or cottage in Facebook ads or web pages you subsequently visit, following you around like a lost puppy.

You have been ‘re-targeted’ with something you’ve browsed before. In effect you’ve put up your hand to say I may be interested in those shoes, or booking that cottage.

The science and psychology is easy to understand. If you keep seeing that great pair of shoes, you probably meant to buy, but life ‘got busy’, eventually you’ll be prompted and reminded enough to drag out your wallet and make the purchase.

You keep reminding them what they are missing.

The lost puppy dog following is pretty cool. We think where retargeting has become exciting is in some of the filtering options. You can configure and modify this and model it in such a way that ads go out if someone visited this webpage but not these other pages, or if they visited these three pages in a row, we’ll show you this next. Clever stuff that only needs setting up once.

Speeding up the on-line sales process

Sales path is never linearWe’d all like to think that every single person that comes in contact with our business follows a very straight and orderly path to buying our products and services.  Someone visits our website for the first time, then fills out a form to download our Game Changers ebook. They are then interested in trialling Marketing Jumpleads, all in one session on our website. Minutes later, they complete the sign-up form, hand over their credit card details to become a fully signed up member (it does happen…but rarely!)

In reality, our buyer’s journey is probably not so linear. People pop over to our website then leave. Two months later, they discover our latest blog article, and then decide to download a ‘cheat sheet’. A few days after that, they decide to check out another blog post or read a LinkedIn article. Maybe a week later they decide to get in touch about coming to a local meeting, and it takes several more weeks of meetings and discussions to come to a decision to buy and join. Same end result, but the process is a little more convoluted!

So marketers need to be prepared to help their buyers through that convoluted process. Retargeting ads are your way of managing, analysing (and tweaking) and speeding up this journey.

We’re calling retargeting the ‘magic sauce’ that changes everything and gives every size business an unprecedented opportunity.

It’s not hard to do. It’s easier to set-up than you think. The results are a real game-changer.

So if you’re a salon owner, run a garage, marketing department or solicitors struggling to win new business, this tactic is for you.

Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram are the common platforms to run re-targeting ads. There are also numerous software platforms that can help you such as

The good news we’re sharing for free how you can set this up through your business Facebook page.

Those who have the most success with Facebook ads have mastered remarketing on this social giant.

In fact Facebook remarketing Ads get x3 the level of engagement than normal Facebook ads.

Whether you want a second bite at the cherry for web site visitors or you have email addresses (or social ID’s, or an app ID, even just a phone number) we share how to set-up and manage getting back in front of this ‘warm’ list in a way they enjoy and respond to. You’ll be following them around Facebook like that lost puppy dog! Ahhh

Facebook Remarketing follow them like a lost puppy dog


There are two main types of Facebook retargeting: pixel-based and list-based. The way each works is slightly different, and each has different advantages based on your campaign goals.

Pixel-based retargeting is a way to re-display your material and ads to any anonymous web site visitor. Someone has visited your website, but not filled out your forms or left an email message. Before retargeting, that ‘traffic’ or prospect was effectively lost.

You had no way to reinvigorate their interest because you had no means of communicating with or identifying them. That has now changed and as a business owner you should be celebrating!

Pixel-based is probably the most common type of retargeting. When someone comes to your website, an unobtrusive piece of JavaScript (often referred to as a pixel) is placed on their browser (they’ve been ‘cookied’).

Facebook Remarketing 'Cookies'The cookie will capture anonymous data about the visitor’s site activity, but it doesn’t capture any sensitive information like the visitor’s name, address, email or any other personally identifiable information. When they leave your site to surf the web or go back into Facebook, that cookie notifies retargeting platforms to serve specific ads based on the specific pages they visited on your website.

Some stats we heard at a recent conference: only 2-3% of blog readers will subscribe when first visiting a website. Retargeting ads can increase that to 50-60%.

Whenever your pixel is fired, Facebook is notified that a user has visited a page of that site. Facebook will then refer to rules you have created to pull that user into a specific custom audiences and be targeted with a specific ad.

Eg your rule could be ‘anyone who visits a blog post containing information on ageing skin within the last 30 days’ receives a certain ad. This ad will ideally relate specifically to the subject of the blog ie an ad for a new anti-ageing facial or product.

The big advantage of pixel-based retargeting is that it is timely, as they can be retargeted pretty immediately after leaving your site.

Ways To Benefit From Facebook Custom Audiences

1) Drive Website Traffic Driving visitors to your website is incredibly important. One of the primary reasons is to continue building your Website Custom Audience within Facebook so that you have a larger audience to convert into email addresses and ultimately sell to.

2) Build Email List You can also target all of your website visitors to build your email list. Plus you can focus on people who read content relevant to your opt-in.

3) Build Facebook Fan Base Not everyone does this, but if you’re going to build a fan base it had better be relevant. Target those who visit your website! These are the people who will actually care — and click — when you share links. Target all website visitors in this case to like your Facebook page.

4) Make Sales You have several options here. You can certainly target all website visitors. That will give you a bigger group to start with. But if you have a blog post or a category of content closely related to your product, target those who read that content for higher relevance and are more likely to be interested in buying.

5) Cross-sell or up-sell. Target those who purchased a related or earlier version of the product.

SALON EXAMPLE: As you may know Julia ran a chain of salons for (cough) too many years to mention and now works closely helping salon owners with their marketing. Having made sure the pixel was installed on a salon website for a medi-spa based in Hertfordshire, Julia helped create a powerful remarketing campaign for their website visitors. With just over 2000 visitors a month to their blog posts, a simple £10/day remarketing campaign introducing the benefits and results of certain high priced treatments now generates a regular additional £4-5k of treatment bookings per month. 

List-based retargeting is based on already having someone’s contact information in your database.

You can also use lists of your existing contacts and customers for certain types of retargeting ads. You simply upload a list of the email addresses to a retargeting campaign within Facebook. Facebook will then ‘match’ users on their network to those email addresses or ID’s you’ve uploaded and serve retargeting ads just to them.

Though it’s a little less common than pixel-based retargeting, list-based retargeting allows you to have highly customisable criteria for your ads because it’s based on more than behaviour. For example they’ve already purchased ‘widget x’ so you know they may be interested in the service program for widget x.

You’re choosing who goes in which list and keeping your business top-of-their-mind.

SALON EXAMPLE: At a skin clinic in Devon Julia  introduced a ‘lost client’ remarketing campaign. Simply the spa reception load into Facebook each month a basic email list of clients that haven’t booked for over three months and these clients receive a time restricted ‘remarketing’ offer to come back in. On average 10-12 ‘long-lost’ clients are coming back each month, with an average spend of £80-100.  One client who hadn’t been seen for over seven years rebooked and went on to book over £3k of treatments and is now back for regular treatments. Read more here.


Facebook RemarketingRetargeting, done well, is an incredibly powerful tool for turning passer-by’s into loyal customers and should be an essential part of your marketing toolkit to help would-be customers move through your sales funnel from A to B quicker.. It not only allows you to reach and re-engage with your best targets and prospects, it gives you opportunities to provide value by delivering personalised, engaging content.

Download our free Facebook Remarketing Blueprint and see for yourself. We assume no technical or prior knowledge. As long as you’re the admin on a Facebook business page you can have this up and running quickly. As the marketer of your business or department you have an unprecedented ‘second bite of the cherry’ opportunity and the rewards can be huge.

Let us know how you get on.

Do you run a hair or beauty salon? Want a piece of the retargeting action?

Being a member of Marketing Jumpleads has been a really good experience.  I’ve met some cool people, doing some interesting things and most importantly it has helped me put ideas into action and get results, which is the name of the game.

Marc Wileman

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It’s really simple. I just did what Julia and Paul told me to do.  I used the tools they gave me, I made £6000 and I’ve created a new subscription income.

Jackie Crooks

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Having been through The Marketing Jumpleads Library Facebook course I now get 90% of my bookings directly from Facebook. I’ve had to stop the ads from running because I was totally booked up with baby photo shoots. Thank you

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