January can often feel like the most exciting time of the year, there is a blank canvas ahead of you and BIG plans to execute. It’s the time that Facebook lights up with Business Owners telling you just how great their year will be and listing out all the goals that they are going to achieve. The things they are going to buy and the holiday’s they will have and the weight they will lose…

And that is great… It is one of the truly great things about life – that each day, (not just each year) we get a clean sheet and the possibilities are endless and it is so important to have and articulate a clear picture of where you want to get to.

BUT (and at the risk of it sounding like Paul’s traditional post Christmas grump)…

Don’t get too carried away… Excitement and plans are good, (crucial really) but bitter experience show most business’ year fails in January.

People start with such grand ideas but no actual, real and implementable steps to get them there, so by the time 1st of February comes they haven’t actually lost any weight and the business isn’t now a magical money making machine. And they start to get worn by their “failure”, so by the time March comes its business as usual and they are counting down the months until they can have a holiday and head back onto Facebook and set out a new list now they are refreshed…

Trying to everything up, running and perfect before we run out of January days just isn’t going to happen and more you try and make it so, the more likely you are to get bogged down. This is an exciting time and the possibilities are genuinely endless but don’t get trapped into the ‘2016 is going to be everything plus 110%’ routine that you’ll see flying around on Facebook. Far better to break down the big picture and give yourself step by step actions of what needs to happen, by when to add up to the bigger picture of success. It’s interesting that the businesses that are really successful aren’t the ones posting their plan on social media, for them the new year is a “refreshed continuation” of their plans.

They have a complete breakdown day by day, week by week of what actually needs to be done to get them to their measure of success for the year, that’s what they focus on not just an idea of what that success looks like.

There is no song. No dance. No hype. and very little “look what I am going to do this year”.

Don’t get me wrong it is crucial share your goals with someone, that will help you make sure they happen, but without an actual plan I can guarantee you that in January 2017 you will be sat in the same place making the same plans wondering what an earth happened to 2016.

This kind of planning is one of the key areas we look at in our 90 minute “Marketing MOT” Strategy Sessions. We work out where you really want to get to, and then work back to make sure you leave with a series of clear and crucially, easily implementable actions. A step by step plan to get you where you want to go. Think of it as your road map. What to do, in what order, when and how.

Having goals without a plan is one of the most soul destroying and frustrating things you can do in business. Take it from one that has been there…on more than one anniversary.

In business, consistency is the key, if you are still making monthly steps forward this time next year then we guarantee you will be closer to your goals than you will be if you try and do it all in the next 72 hours. So look at your goals and make a real step by step plan. If you are not sure where to start either on your big plans or you small steps we might be able to help, with one of our Marketing MOT Strategy sessions, and until the end of January we are offering £100 off. Just click below to find out more.Marketing_MOT

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