June 23rd 2016 will be a date in UK history that will be remembered. None of us know yet, quite how it will be remembered.

What we do know is that as Entrepreneurs we have a choice. We are in a unique position. We can choose how to remember the vote and how, if at all, it affects our business, our future, our family in the years to come.

We can wallow in the ‘uncertainty’ camp and blame the Brexit vote for our business stress OR we can simply focus on the things we can control, right here, right now. And that is being great at running our businesses. Look after your customers like never before. Wow them. Delight them and show them it’s business as usual. Done well.

Your customers and team want a calm voice of reassurance. Be that voice of clarity and vision.

Calmly trade as always and if you need to, make changes to map a clear path forward.

As an entrepreneur you have that ability, if you look for the gaps. Think strategically.

The UK needs your business now more than ever and those agile entrepreneurs that embrace any changes, will succeed.

Opportunities WILL come for those that are looking. Before the vote you were not running a business that would remain the same for years – that’s an impossible aim. The Brexit vote is just another bump in the road that will always be bumpy. CHOOSE HOW YOU RESPOND. As an entrepreneur you are 100% responsible for your future, however big the hurdles.

Change can seem unsettling. To be fair most of us are not good at change, which is ironic as everything is always changing. Nothing stands still. From the confusion stand proud with your business. Surround yourself with positive business allies and support others if they feel unsettled by the change.

Let everyone know it is business as usual, bigger, better, bolder than ever.

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