Brand image and getting your business noticed gets harder. Standing-out, being different and designing a coherent business image that attracts the right prospects takes thought.

How your business LOOKS matters…a lot.IMG_6398

Embarking on a campervan trip around New Zealand, with my family, led me to discover ‘Jucy’,  a car and van hire company. Now most campervans we passed out on the open roads were white with a some kind  of logo and I couldn’t now remember one over any other.

‘Jucy’ however, take a very different approach to their business image. Bright purple and green vans, emblazoned with cartoon, saucy images of ‘jucy’ babes really stand out and define their brand.

Making the very ordinary, very special through colour, words and images the Jucy brand was instantly recognisable. Whether you love or hate it, you couldn’t fail to miss our van and we felt like part of something  special. We weren’t just driving a campervan we were ‘starting our adventure’ from the minute we entered ‘Jucy-ville’ (otherwise known as the offices where you pick up your vehicle) and we happily waved to other ‘Jucy’ vans enroute, feeling part of a special community.

IMG_6396 IMG_7379 IMG_7380IMG_6467

Adding personality, saucy humour and a cohesive and ‘joined-up’ branding throughout the entire company (even the sheets and pillow cases were purple and green) this business has given itself a unique, recognisable, fun and bold image that makes people smile.

The ‘old-fashioned postcard’ style babes adorning each vehicle, wearing different outfits depending on the vehicle (a sailor outfit for the Jucy cruise!) added personality to effectively a metal vehicle. This fun style perfectly suits the business of providing ‘adventures’ and trips.

Obviously, this bold design wouldn’t be right for most business brands but the message is clear. Your image, weaved consistently, throughout your business really matters and gets you noticed, remembered and leads your customers to feel part of your unique community.

The words across the side of our Jucy van say it all…

Don't Play Hard To Get - Be Hard To Forget

Brand Images That Help ‘Jucy’ Stand-Out


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