As someone who’s job it is to help business owners move their businesses forward, the end of January is my least favourite time of the year.

The simple truth is, that for most businesses, their 2018 will be “sunk” this week.

Not because of some cataclysmic event or dramatic failure – but because they started January full of hopes, dreams and plans for what they were going to achieve this year… BUT they have taken no action and put have nothing in place to make the changes that they need to make it happen.

All that excitement, positivity and drive for the year ahead has diminished over three weeks of “normality”.

Nothing has changed. They have the same old business issues that stopped them achieving last year and they have no idea as to how to make it different.

It really is just “business as usual”.

January becomes February and before you know it, it’s Easter and the year is just like last year – and the year before that.

We have all heard the phrase a “goal without action is just a dream” but that is at it’s most relevant here.  Most people have – or can get – everything they need to make this year incredible but for some reason they just don’t do it.

Personally I think its starts with asking yourself how serious you are about making 2018 great and what kind of pain you’ll feel if you don’t hit the big targets you have set yourself.

And that is entirely personal – there is nothing wrong with trundling along this year BUT if that isn’t you want 2018 to be something special – then something has to change and experience tells me you need to start with the 4 points below.

1) Ask yourself the question, “What will stop me achieving what I want to achieve this year”

2) Be truthful about the answer – and if you can’t put your finger on it speak to someone and get help.

3) Ask yourself how serious you are about achieving your goals in 2018

4) Take action to fix the thing that needs fixing – whatever it takes.

For the vast majority of us it will be something “personal”, a hang up we have rather than a business issue.   Often in the business world it’s fear of spending money or getting help.

But whatever it is, you need to be honest and take steps to fix it, because I promise you if you are just hoping the problem will fix itself, or go away – you’ll be sitting there in December erasing the memories of the year and pledging your allegiance to 2019!

So my humble advice (from someone that has definitely been there and not done it…) is to start with that real honesty.  Deep down you’ll know what the issue is (99% of the time it’s our own hangs ups!!) – and then have the “grown up” conversation with yourself and find a way to fix them.

And if your not sure go and find out what others are doing.  Not your shiny toothed Facebook success peddling, look at my big car muppets – REAL business owners – people just like you.  Find out what they are doing and then do it to.

And this might be a good place to start…


Being a member of Marketing Jumpleads has been a really good experience.  I’ve met some cool people, doing some interesting things and most importantly it has helped me put ideas into action and get results, which is the name of the game.

Marc Wileman

Dragon's Den Winner and CEO, Sublime Science

It’s really simple. I just did what Julia and Paul told me to do.  I used the tools they gave me, I made £6000 and I’ve created a new subscription income.

Jackie Crooks

Owner, Beacon Training

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