15 (exciting) reasons to master facebook (1)

1) There are 36 million active Facebook users in the UK, 65% of which use it DAILY. That’s 24 million people every day in the UK looking at Facebook, the highest percentage of any population across the world, using this powerful social media platform.

2) Facebook offers the reach of TV advertising but can cost less than an advert in your local paper. We are essentially at the dawn of the ‘Facebook paid-for marketing life span’ and as such the cost to get in front of EXACTLY the right people (millions if you want) is still pennies. There’s no scatter gun approach of a local paper where you hope your message is seen by the right people. Instead your message will ONLY appear in front of the right people. This translates to lower costsgreater engagement and higher conversion rates, meaning your marketing works AND is affordable.

3) The targeting capabilities on Facebook are second to none so any money you spend is focussed on getting in front of exactly the right people.

4) Facebook RIGHT now is where your customers are. How often do you look at Facebook in a day? Me, I’m on my smartphone several times a day keeping a (nosey) eye on my Facebook world and I’m not alone.

A recent study, reported in The Daily Mail, showed that on average we reach for our smart phones 1500 a week and by 7.31am we are checking emails and looking at Facebook (hands up that’s me!)


5) The average time spent on Facebook per user per day is now 21 minutes. That’s a healthy chunk of our busy lives, but it’s become an integral part of our daily habits

6) Facebook wants your marketing to work. With shareholders to please Facebook improves their marketing tools all the time to help you get YOUR BUSINESS seen by a highly defined, targeted audience. Facebook are super keen to make their advertisers and users experience as good as possible, so lots of help, tools and possibilities are at your finger tips.

7) Facebook knows so much about us – as you and I share more than ever – not just what we like but what actually makes us tick – there is a MASSIVE opportunity for small business owners to gently coax more of their PERFECT target customers direct to their door.  This ‘big brother’ knowledge may freak you out as an individual, but as a business owner should have you jumping for joy.

8) Facebook gives us social proof on steroids. We each have on average 300 friends on Facebook, so when we like, share and engage with a brand our friends know about it. As we are likely to share the tastes and interests of our friends, if we like something they are likely to follow suit.

9) Facebook gives you complete transparency and flexibility on when your marketing is seen. The free insights tool opens up the behaviours of your customers and lets you schedule posts so you are seen at the right time. Interestingly across all pages and niches, most engagement on posts happens on Fridays.

10) Opportunity to share all types of media that appeal to all types of clients. Photos are the most shared media on Facebook right now but videos are hot on their tail. This gives you many ways to share your business values, your services, products and let customers meet your team.

11) Facebook builds trust and credibility for your business. UK Facebook users are 33% more likely to trust a retailer if it has a good social presence.

12) You can use your Facebook page to offer exceptional customer service and help. As 47% of users feel Facebook is the quickest way to solve customer service issues, you can be quick and real-time with your responses and client communications.

13) Using multiple media to keep reminding your prospects you exists, gives you far better marketing results. By this we mean if you send an email to a prospect then they receive a letter and see you again on Facebook you’ve ‘touched’ them multiple times by different media. Facebook can automatically create audiences for you and keep getting your business in front of them. From visitors to your web site, your email list and your even ‘lookalike’ audiences of your target clients, you can gently and subtly keep popping up on the newsfeed of the right people to add depth and weight to you marketing.

14) Reactive and instant marketing. You can jump on the viral power of any current story, any news from your business or clients instantly. Keeping your marketing ‘in the current conversation’ is huge for engagement, popularity and keeps you business front of mind for your audience

15) Totally transparent and trackable results. You can see EXACTLY how much you’ve spent, how often and if your links were used, the images which get the best reaction and hard facts on conversion clicks to your website pages. You are in complete control of your budget and can see exactly the ROI (return on investment) of any Facebook spend. Test, test, and test your Ads again and you will soon have a finely tuned marketing pillar which gives you proven results.


So where do you start?

First things first. You have to get your posts and ads noticed in the busy newsfeed by using the right images and the RIGHT WORDS. The headline or opening sentence has to have impact. You have literally a handful of seconds to make someone so excited, intrigued or interested that they will read your full post or click through to your website.

The good news is – the right techniques for this can be copied and learnt.

We’ve put together a free downloadable Facebook Unlocked ultimate guide to help you get your posts and ads seen by the RIGHT PEOPLE. This translates into lower costsgreater engagement and higher conversion rates for the time and money you’re spending.

We’ve shared…

67* proven headlines for you to copy and use to make sure your target market is drawn to you in a way you haven’t experience before.

*Including 42 of our best performing headlines this year

Facebook knows so much about us. It is the biggest, most powerful database in the world and you can now track down your PERFECT CLIENTS and get your message in front of them for just a few pounds. To do that your ‘headline’ has to grab the attention of the thousands maybe millions of people who would love your products or services.

The time is NOW to get involved and make Facebook a serious part of your marketing mix. Don’t wait. Don’t put it off. Strike whilst the iron is well and truly hot. Facebook TODAY offers laser-focussed marketing that could change everything for you and your business at a cost that will never be better.


Download Free ‘Facebook Unlocked’ Guide here

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