More Clients.

More Control.

Less Frustration.


Doing The RIGHT Marketing For Your Business.


“Just having the knowledge isn’t enough.  You have to find a way to get your marketing done”

What’s Stopping Your Marketing?

I’ve tried loads but it has never really made a difference, and I don’t know what to do next.

Broadly I know what I need to do, I just need to get more done – more consistently

I’m frustrated, isolated, overwhelmed and I just don’t know where to start to make the changes


Business is tough and its getting tougher…

All the power is with the customer. There are more people in your space and more people are better at standing out


AND it gets worse…


If you still think that you can double the size of your business or half the time you actually spend working by being good at what you do, or working “smarter” then you don’t need us – you need a bloke with a long beard and a pointy hat,

(Paul is trying with the beard but he doesn’t suit hats).


In today’s world just being better at what you do won’t help you grow.  You need to tell people what you do, why and how, better than you do now.


If you want to move your business forward, the only thing that will make any difference is your marketing.


You need more of the RIGHT customers.


The Good news (finally!)

Most people are rubbish at their marketing. 


They talk a great game about all the cool new stuff they are going to do. Some may even have a dabble but it never translates to real action.


So you just need to be doing more. 


And that is where we come in. 


We are devoid of silver bullets, there are no magic wands and we don’t do fluffy stuff (“oooh you should try some brand awareness”) 


We have a deep (some might say nerdy) knowledge of marketing, we have the experience of doing it ourselves and we have the dogged determination to keep your business going forward – even when you want to quit.


So if you want;


A clear plan of what marketing is right for you. 


The step by step actions you need to take 


The tools and the knowledge of how to do it.


And real hands on experience in your corner to make sure it gets done,


Well – then we might just be the folk to talk to.


Wiggo had Brailsford

Rocky had Mickey

Han had Chewy

You’ve got us


Failing that we met a bloke in a pub last week who could pull a guineapig out of a shoe box… and he reckons he can get your brand ‘out there’.

Grab a free copy of our best selling book.

Topping the Best Seller Charts the day it was launched The Game Changers has been described as “The Small Business Bible”  which is nice… but more importantly it has helped 100’s of business owners see what is possible and what tools, techniques and opportunities that are out there to help them grow their businesses.

The book features powerful “very real” interviews with other “real” business owners – sharing what they have done to move their businesses forward and what they believe makes the difference between what those that achieve what they want to achieve and those that don’t.

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